Back to school cool

It’s that time of year again when the school bell rings, and the kids need school things. You’re grabbing the notebooks and binders for them, but have you stocked up on fun office essentials for you?

Check out our items that are perfect for back to school and get a kick start for this upcoming school year.

Petite Pep Talk cards

Are you looking for a cute way to send them back to school knowing they’re loved? Or are you searching for the right words at drop off to leave them inspired?

Try our Petite Pep Talk cards! These little love notes feature inspirational quotes we live by and were designed to be tucked in your loved ones’ lunchboxes, briefcases, backpacks, or wherever else you’d like to show them some love.


Thank you set

A well-written thank you note is the perfect added touch for the teacher who went above and beyond for your child. Make sure your message is personal and heart-felt and its recipient will be grateful.

Channel your inner fashionista with one (or a combo) of these three fabulous styles:


Monogrammed stationery

A new set of personalized stationery is a must for those handwritten notes that come with having good manners. Plus, anything with a monogram always leaves a lasting impression.

Monogrammed notes also are perfect for keeping in touch while you enjoy your new empty nest or for letting your favorite teacher finally put pen to paper that's not red marker correction related.

Choose from one of our three distinct styles for you to wow them with:


Brass note holder

Forget a shiny red apple. Gift your favorite student or teacher something more stylish and modern to decorate their desk—our Brass Note Card Holder. Designed to hold cards from friends, favorite photos, inspirational quotes, or the latest straight A… these are just a few of the items this gem can display in the prettiest way.


Ready to head back to school in style? Tap here and let’s get your 2022-2023 school year started right!

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