Behind the gray

The color gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is perceived as classic, refined, and dignified.

Gray is practically solid as a rock, making it incredibly stable, relaxing, and calming. It has a peaceful, relaxing, and soothing presence.

Gray avoids attention, but offers mature, insightful advice to anyone who asks.

Truth be told, I didn’t know that when I chose gray to be our main brand color, but it makes sense since that is what motivates everything we do here.

When I first dreamed up Pretty Peptalks, I wanted the brand to feel soothing and relaxing. Which meshes beautifully with light gray, which can help in difficult life situations.

As a color that’s highly respected, gray flourishes in leadership roles. The color gray is humble, well-meaning, and dynamic, making it the ideal authority figure.

Deceit and half-truths are two things that gray abhors. Rather than practice deception, gray honors honesty, transparency, and integrity. This admirable quality allows gray to ascend through the ranks with ease.

I fell in love with gray because it’s the perfect neutral that lives between the extremes of black and white. It’s light, but not too light. Dark, but not too dark. It’s a hard color to nail down and I love that about gray.

Gray is like an old soul. It’s endured countless life experiences and is thought to be wildly insightful. However, gray only offers its pearls of wisdom when asked to.

Gray makes everyone feel good. It’s a lovely neutral that is not intimidating. It’s calming, relaxing, and soothing without being too in your face or bold.

And that’s exactly the type of brand I want to share with you.

I use a lot of different colors in our stationery and product designs, but I’ll never stray from gray. Ever. It’s on the walls in my office, my go-to nail polish hue, and my wardrobe more often than not. I even use it in my spreadsheets! And I’ll never tire of it. 

For me, gray is a state of mind. It’s chic, beautiful, soothing, dynamic, and wise, all things I know Pretty Peptalks is.

I hope this perfect hue rubs off on you too!

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