D.Y.I.Y.: Do your invite yourself

The main role of an invitation is to offer up the facts: Who, what, when, and where you’re celebrating. Parties are meant to be fun—so have some while creating invitations for your guests yourself!

Think small

A limited number of invites can easily be done the do-it-yourself route.

Make your mark
Stamps have come a long way and make a statement. Make sure you choose the ones that adorn your invites wisely.

Push the envelope

Have fun with your envelope, too. Doodle, apply stickers, or even paint the flap—whatever makes your invitation more you or on-theme.

Cut it up

With so many paper options out there, it’s time to grab your scissors and get to work. Choose fun patterns and colors that fit your them. Then cut to it!

Keep it simple

What’s fun and crafty for five invitations may not seem so great after 50. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to D.Y.I.Y. Find pre-printed cards or card stock in the colors or with a motif that matches your theme and digitally print or handwrite your invite on them. We suggest stocking up on stationery here.

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