Fully funded and it feels so good


As of Wednesday, May 19, our Kickstarter campaign is fully funded and I. Am. Floored.

Thank you!

I’ve always believed in this project but reaching the initial campaign goal in less than three days is unreal. Knowing that more than 85 percent of Kickstarters go unfunded, from the start I didn’t even let the idea of fully funding within days earn a spot on my dream scenario list.

I still can’t believe it’s real!

To celebrate, I went to the liquor cabinet, dusted off the bottle of whiskey, and took a shot right out of it.

Thus far, it’s my only regret of this project.

Now that I’ve had time to sober up and come to my senses, I recorded something special I’d love to share with you. I know it doesn’t even come close to thanking you in person, but I tried for the next best thing: I made a special video to thank each and every one of you here.

A HUGE thank you to all of you for your support! I couldn’t chase this dream without you.

Now that together we’ve reached the initial campaign funding goal, I’ll be using the new, expanded budget to make the Stretch Goals a reality. 

And we’re already well on our way of checking the first one off our list!

In fact, as I type this, we are less than $900 away from reaching Stretch Goal One. Which means we are less than $900 away from making my dream of owning a press a reality.

But having this press in my possession doesn’t just make my life easier, it also allows me to get product in your hands faster by removing the hurdle of waiting for time on a rented press or in line with the overwhelmed printers still recovering from the influx of nonsense 2020 and 2021 have been throwing at us. 

Want to help make this Stretch Goal a reality?

Here’s what you can do: Please consider sharing the link to this Kickstarter with everyone you know. And maybe even a few strangers on the Internet? I’d be super grateful, and every backer gets this campaign closer to adding more fun stuff for YOU!

You also can leave me a comment or send me a message. Knowing what you want to see will help me add fun stuff that you’re likely to enjoy to the Rewards for this campaign. If there’s demand for a thing, I’m more likely than not to make that thing happen.

Thank you for showing this campaign so much love and for all your support!

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