Gifts for teachers and grads

It's that time of year again, school is almost out for summer and graduation ceremonies are filling up calendars.

For graduates, there’s nothing like seeing years of hard work come together to be celebrated. Or the looks on the faces of teachers who helped these graduates achieve their dreams. And don’t forget all the happy-faced school kids grinning from ear to ear now that summer break is around the corner!

We know you're headed to end of year parties, so here are a few of our favorite gifts to help you look good with thoughtful (and personalized) gifts for the teachers and graduates in your life.

Thank you set

Did your graduate land an internship or a job they’re eager to start? Then they’re going to need professional thank you notes to let everyone know they mean business. It's a sign of success before they even get started.

A well-written thank you note is also the perfect added touch for the teacher who went above and beyond for your child. Make sure your message is personal and heart-felt and its recipient will be grateful.

Surprise them with one (or a combo) of these three fabulous styles:

Monogrammed stationery

A new set of personalized stationery is perfect for graduates getting ready to interview for the job of their dreams. A handwritten follow up note sent in the mail is a small gesture with a big return, and it leaves a lasting impression.

Monogrammed notes also are perfect for keeping in touch while you enjoy your new empty nest or for letting your favorite teacher finally put pen to paper that's not red marker correction related.

Choose from one of our three distinct styles for you to wow them with:

Brass note holder

Forget a shiny red apple. Gift your favorite student or teacher something more stylish and modern to decorate their desk—our Brass Note Card Holder. Designed to hold cards from friends, favorite photos, inspirational quotes, or the latest straight A… these are just a few of the items this gem can display in the prettiest way. 


Take the guessing out of gifting and give them a little green as their gift. Paired with a personalized note from you on Pretty Peptalks stationery, this combo lets them get what they want, while still having a keepsake card with your love and congratulations they can tuck away and save.

Need more help? Send us an email and we can help you pick out something perfect for the graduate or teacher in your life.

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