Holiday card how to

Holiday card season is upon us!

While we at Pretty Peptalks may rejoice, sit down with a good glass of wine, and write our cards out with Christmas carols on repeat, we understand that for some, sending out greetings of tidings and joy may not be met with any good cheer whatsoever.

For this very reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to gift you something special this year—five how to tips for embracing (and sending) holiday cards.

Make a realistic list

Spreading cheer at the end of year somehow equates to our list of people we’d like to write to becoming a mile long. To avoid burnout, we recommend making a list of people you want to connect with and then check it twice.

Rather than risk the hand cramps, we suggest prioritizing the people you haven’t seen in person in the past year and whom you miss the most. Your best friend across the country, your grandparents who may still be quarantining, and college friends that you haven’t been able to visit in years come to mind.

Get your supplies organized

Before we start writing, we like to make sure we have everything we need at our desk to make the letter writing itself as easy as possible.

This year, we used a mix of custom letterpress creations and Pretty Peptalks Heart You note cards, depending on who we were writing to.

It’s also important to have the right pen by your side—our favorites are Super Fine Sharpies and Le Pen.

Finally, we always have a supply of holiday-themed stamps on hand, which we highly recommend buying directly from the Post Office to support their endeavors. This year, KJ is loving the A Visit from St. Nick stamps for the holidays.

Make it cozy

To get into the right mindset, we like to dedicate a certain time to write our holiday cards and notes. Usually, we reserve Sundays to spread holiday cheer.

Depending on our moods, we’ll either pour ourselves hot chocolate or a glass of wine. Then, we’ll crank up the Christmas carols and get comfy in our chair.

Having the right atmosphere makes all the difference between one down and all done!

Write from the heart

If we learned anything from the pandemic and staying safe at home, it was that we all could benefit from some effusive love.

We highly recommend putting aside any fears and telling the person you’re writing to how much you love them, how much you miss them, and what joy they bring to your life.

This year, we plan on going the extra mile and including something special and sentimental that reminds of the letter’s recipient.

Get after it

It’s easy to think of letter writing as just another thing on the long list of To-Dos. However, we like to think of sending holiday cards as a moment of reflection and generosity—an opportunity to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Get those cards in the mail already! Now is the perfect time of year to send mailbox magic to those near and far. If you’re looking for chic, beautiful stationery to help you send comfort and joy, we think you’ll love these.

Happy holidays!






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