How to write thank you notes

Sometimes writing a thank you note can be intimidating—especially after a big event when the list multiplies.

To help you get it done (and get it done right), we’ve broken it down into the five steps we always include in every thank you.

Step 1: Say hello. Or hi. You can even start with Dear, Dearest, Hey, Ciao, Greetings.

Step 2: Let them know why you’re writing. Tell them it was great to see them at your party or thank them for the gift they sent.

Step 3: Say something that reflects the nature of your relationship or how you’ll use their gift. Be specific. Don’t forget to use the actual words “thank you!”

Step 4: Say something that refers to the future, even if it’s just “See you soon!”

Step 5: Sign off with a greeting. We recommend Love, All my love, Thanks again, Many thanks, xo, Warmly, Sincerely.

Still not sure what to write? Here’s an example to get you started. And don’t forget to stock up on stationery so you always have thank you notes, like thesethese, or these, on hand!

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