Introducing: Our new fall trio

There are things you want. There are things you need. And then there is the gratitude you feel for it all.

Guess what? The new fall trio from Pretty Peptalks just brought all three of those things together!

We’ve always had a love for pretty paper and heading back to school (and schedules), which is why the launch of these three new designs couldn't come at a better time. When we started debating which designs should be the next to roll out, it was clear that our three favorite things had to be first. After all, who doesn’t love a good furry friend, glass of wine, and attitude filed with gratitude?

Meet Paw Print, the pet you want.

Fine Wine, the thing you need.

And Swiss Dot Thank You, stylish gratitude for all.

Together, they’re the latest letterpress boxed note card sets from Pretty Peptalks.

No matter which is your favorite, one thing is certain—whomever you mail yours to is going to be filled with joy.

P.S. These boxed note sets are currently available via pre-sale and will be shipping in mid-September.

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