Introducing: Petite Pep Talks

At Pretty Peptalks, we love a good surprise. Especially if it involves a well-placed note.

Which is why we created Petite Pep Talks, little love notes designed to be tucked in your loved ones’ lunchboxes, briefcases, backpacks, or wherever you’d like to show them some love.

Each set contains 12 letterpress cards featuring inspirational quotes to help guide its recipient through their day. Perfectly sized to surprise, each card is printed with black and red ink on extra thick, crisp white paper. And the entire set is sized perfectly so you can leave a tiny note in unexpected places throughout the day to surprise your special someone.

Think: Near their toothbrush in the morning, tucked into their wallet or coat pocket, slipped into a drawer, or placed inside their laptop—wherever they’re least likely to expect it. A Petite Pep Talk is a super-simple, but super-sweet, way to let them know they’re in your heart all day long.

Pick up a set (or two) of Petite Pep Talks by clicking here. We know your favorite people will appreciate seeing them pop up.

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