Introducing Retro Monogram

Meet Retro, our stylish monogram that is as groovy as it is bold!

This boxed set pairs just the right touch of disco glam to every note you send. With gold foil lettering in 70s-inspired type, this bold choice is great for deep thoughts and fun-filled invitations.

Each Retro boxed set is letterpress printed by hand on antique machinery. Gold foil on crisp white cards is paired with white envelopes featuring solid liners in turquoise, yellow, hot pink, lime green, and orange. Made in America and lined with love by hand.

No matter what note you’re writing, the Retro Monogram will make it fashionable! 

What are you waiting for? Get your shine on with luxurious letterpress worth its weight in gold by picking up a set (or two) by clicking here.

We know your favorite people will appreciate seeing notes from you that shine.

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