Correspondence Cue: Stationery Strategy

Life gets busy. And our To Do Lists seem to go on forever these days. Simple acts of care—like writing notes, checking in, and sending love—can feel like just another impossible you have to check. Which is why we’re bringing you this month’s game-changing Correspondence Cue: Stationery Strategy.

Stationery Strategy is when, at the beginning of each month, we sit down and write out all the birthday, anniversary, and other important milestone notes for the month to come. This sure-fire stationery strategy ensures we never miss a single celebration.

Read on to learn more about how you can implement this Correspondence Cue for yourself. 

Cue one: Stock up 

The number one hurdle to getting notes in the mail is not having your supplies accessible and ready. Remedy this situation by stocking your stationery collection at the beginning of the year or at least the beginning of every month. This way, you ensure you have enough birthday, thank you, and milestone-specific cards in your arsenal. Be sure to grab note cards that are multi-purpose, like our Classic Monogram Set, for any last-minute noteworthy occasions. Then, designate a space in your home that’s dedicated to note-writing, where your stationery and favorite writing utensils are easily accessible. 

Cue two: Save the dates

Whether you prefer going old school with a hand-written datebook or defer to all things digital, your calendar will come in handy as you set up your Stationery Strategy. Go through each month and mark all the special occasions in one swoop. Then, make a list of all the occasions that require notes for each month. Finally, mark off a time on your calendar (KJ loves to schedule an hour at the beginning of each month) to write the month’s notes at once. 

Cue three: Throw yourself a paper party

Here’s where the real fun starts! Now that you’ve got your supplies, list, and dates, all you have to do is write. Okay, and maybe lick some envelopes and apply stamps. Remember, this is a party, so don’t forget to bring along your favorite beverage, turn on some tunes, and set the mood with lighting. Your vibe will come through in your writing, so act accordingly! Want to make it even more of a party? Invite a friend or two over and make it a stationery soiree.

Cue four: Detailed delivery

When the time comes to mail off your notes, you won’t want to send them all off at the first of the month. If you do, they might arrive too early for holidays or birthdays that occur later in the month. For this reason, we suggest sending them in two batches. The first batch can be for any note-worthy moments happening in the first two weeks of the month. The second for anything occurring in the second half of the month. Don’t worry if you’re early for someone’s special day, it’ll only make the sentiment feel more thoughtful if it arrives a few days ahead.

Cue five: Last-minute letters

Whether it’s a thank you for an impromptu dinner party or a birthday you’re only remembering the day-of, there’s bound to be some last-minute note needs in your life. No worries! If the bulk of your notes are out of the way and you have your supplies at the ready, it’ll be easy to attend to these last-minute letters. And remember, a few words are enough—it’s the thought that counts. 

P.S. Keeping a boxed note set (or two) from Pretty Peptalks on hand ensures that you’re never late to the party.

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