Random acts of letter writing

Many of life’s occasions—graduations, condolences, birthdays, you name it—explicitly call for a handwritten note. There also are times when you want to reach out to someone for seemingly no reason at all.

Our advice? Follow that impulse! It can only lead to good things.

If you need a little help getting started, here are a few of KJ’s favorite excuses for writing to someone out of the blue.

You found an old picture of them

Nothing beats stumbling across a picture of a good memory or good friend. Extra bonus points if it’s an actual printed photograph—those always make us instantly nostalgic.

Invite your friend to walk down memory lane with you by popping a copy of the picture in an envelope along with a written note about how much you miss them and the good old days.

Their baby just started school

Whether it’s Kindergarten or college, when a friend’s child starts school, it means their world has gone from chaos to calm. Almost overnight.

Write them to let them know you’ll come over to make lots of noise and messes for them to clean up whenever their empty nest gets to quiet. Or to help with homework assignments with Algebra gets to be too much.

You saw them on social media

Say you saw a picture of your best friend on Instagram and they looked so amazing, it stopped your scroll.

Take things offline and write them a letter they can hold on to forever to let them know how amazing you think they are in real life.

You discovered a new treat

Be it a sweet treat or a new recipe, if you’ve discovered something new and it’s insanely delicious, you’re obligated to let everyone know about it.

Tuck a gift card or recipe into the letter with a note inviting them to join you next time.

Just because

Do you really need a reason to reach out? No, you don’t!

Reach out because they were on your mind. Because you had five minutes and a beautiful set of stationery in hand. Because you know that getting mail is the best, which makes sending it even better.

You really don’t need an excuse. Sending love is always reason enough.

P.S. Keeping a boxed note set (or two) from Pretty Peptalks on hand ensures that you’re never left without a letter to send when the moment strikes you.

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