Seven steps to the perfect holiday card

Our attitude has always been the more, the merrier—especially when it comes to holiday cards.

Holiday cards keep us connected to our nearest and dearest and serve as a line of communication between us and those we rarely get to see.

When you hold a holiday card in your hands, it’s a tiny reminder that someone out there is thinking of you wherever they may be.

Let your holiday card reflect your family’s unique spirit. You might choose to be formal and choose a very classic, letterpress design. Or perhaps you prefer to keep things laidback featuring a playful photograph. If you have them, include a photo of your kid(s) and/or pet(s).

Here’s how to pull off the perfect holiday card in seven easy steps.

  1. Find your style: Decide what you would like the overall vibe or theme of your card to be. Then, select accordingly.
  2. Schedule your shoot: If you plan on including a photo, take the photo by at least September so you can place your order early.
  3. Design cohesively: When including a photo, design your card around it to give the card a cohesive, intentional look and feel.
  4. Order early: Try to place your order just after Halloween to allow plenty of time for you to receive your cards and send them out just after Thanksgiving. Lots of companies offer special discounts if you order in September.
  5. Buffer your order: There are always a few friends that come close to being forgotten—ordering extra cards makes sure they’ll be included.
  6. Mail on time: Holiday cards are meant to be timely and should be send out as such. Aim to be finished and to the mail by the first week of December.
  7. Don’t rush it: If you’re running late, opt for a New Year’s card. It’s acceptable to send and receive these seasonal delights through the first week of January.

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