The art of the thank you

Growing up, our moms impressed upon us the importance of sending thank you notes. We guess you could say our love affair with stationery started there.

In a world of instant gratification via text or email, it’s easy to send off a quick thank you and mark that to-do off your list. But, more meaningful than a text, a handwritten thank you note helps you stand out.

And shows you’re truly grateful.

Let’s be honest, though, sometimes writing a thank you note feels like an obligation. In fact, we’ve been guilty a couple of times of letting “write thank you notes” linger on our to-do list for longer than it should.

Here’s the thing: Sharing your gratitude doesn’t have to be long-winded or belabored. Your thank you can be a moment of reflection, joy, and fun.

Here are some tips to help inspire your next words of gratitude. 

Be prompt

The saying may go, “Better late than never,” but Miss Manners fans know that when it comes to thank you notes, promptness is key.

If you’re writing your thank yous after an event, sending them within a week’s time is ideal. But, if you can’t send them out that quickly, send your notes out anyway. Your thank you cards will still be appreciated. Plus, the extra time may allow additional time to reflect on what to say.

Be specific

When drafting your thank you note, referring to the gift and how you will use it makes the person who gave it to you feel like you truly value their generosity. For example, “I absolutely loved the gold bangle! I can’t wait to wear it to our next happy hour together.”

If the gift was given to one of your children, explain how much they love it. Then, for a personal touch, have them sign their name at the bottom of card. If they’re too young to write, a few sweet scribbles are perfect.

Be inviting

End your thank you note letting the recipient know you can’t wait to see them again soon. Offer suggestions on your next meet up or extend an invitation to your next shindig.

Be spontaneous

Typically, we write thank you notes after a big event or receiving a gift from family and friends. But when was the last time you wrote a thank you for no reason at all?

Whether it’s a teacher who went above and beyond for your child or a friend who helped you through a tough time, there’s always someone in your life who deserves to be thanked for their kindness and generosity.

Plus, a little snail mail will make their day.

Still struggling with how to craft the perfect thank you? We break down the ABCs of a thank you note—with a great example—here

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