What to write: Birthdays

Celebrating someone you love on their big day seems like a no brainer but sending out their birthday card is often left until the last minute. While we more than understand that special dates, like birthdays, can sneak up on you if you're not careful, your card—and its message—doesn’t need to look like they’re last minute.

Knowing what to write in a birthday card that someone will actually want to keep and cherish, is a little more difficult.

It's easy enough to write "Happy birthday, hope you have a great day," but it's harder to figure out exactly how to express how you feel about a loved one or friend, or how thankful you are for them. And don’t even get us started on crafting a note to a colleague or older relative. Being thoughtful, kind, and engaging while staying professional can be difficult, too!

Lucky for you, we adore you and birthdays (hooray for cake!). Here are a few of our favorite ideas for exactly what to write the birthday boy or girl.

What to write

Here are the right words to use solo or as a starter when you reach out.

  • Here’s to another year filled with…
  • I’m so glad you were born!
  • I hope this year brings you…
  • May all your birthday wishes come true!

Short and sweet

Birthdays are busy, which is why it’s a great idea to keep things short and sweet.


  • Happy Birthday to someone who deserves the best things life has to offer.
  • There's no one who deserves to be celebrated more than you.
  • I'm so happy you were born.


Make them laugh before they blow out their candles.


  • While no day could be as great as the time you and I [insert hilarious childhood story here], I hope your birthday is everything you want and then some.
  • For someone who's celebrating a milestone birthday like 40, 50, or beyond: Happy 29th Birthday (That's how old you are, right? Thought so!)
  • For a parent, if you have siblings: Happy birthday from your favorite child!


Making someone feel loved and cherished on their birthday is important. These sweet sentiments might help.


  • I hope today is as special to you as you are to me.
  • Wishing you a day filled with as much love and happiness as you've brought to my life.
  • Happy birthday to the love of my life! You deserve everything good.


Wondering what to write on that birthday card to your boss or coworker? Here are some simple ideas.


  • Wishing you a wonderful day.
  • Hope today is everything you hoped for!
  • Thankful to be working with someone as great as you. Happy birthday!


It’s true, late is better than never. Especially when it comes to birthday messages.


  • I know this is late, but I couldn't miss a chance to say happy birthday to one of my favorite people. Hope your day was perfect.
  • Happy belated birthday. Can’t wait to celebrate you together in person sometime!
  • Hope your birthday was everything you hoped it'd be.


Curious what to write on a birthday card for a kid? We’ve got you.


  • Happy birthday to the coolest [insert age]-year old I know!
  • Wishing you the happiest birthday. Can’t wait to see what this year has ahead for you!
  • To the most amazing kid I know, happy birthday!


You love your friends, and they’ll love to hear from you. Here are some creative card ideas for friends. 


  • Happy birthday to my best friend and the only person who understands [insert inside joke here].
  • Happy birthday! You deserve every good thing life has to offer (plus extra cake).
  • Hope you’re taking a moment on your special day to reflect on how much you’re appreciated and loved. Here’s to this being your best year yet!


Depending on which member of your family you're writing to, birthday cards can be hard to pen. Here are some ideas to make it easier.


  • Sending you the warmest wishes on your birthday. Know that I am thinking of you.
  • Wishing you a birthday full of joy, laughter, and love.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite [aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling, etc.]!

Need a card or two to help you show them extra love? Tap here.

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