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In 2007, I had the pleasure of designing my first set of letterpress stationery. From the fonts to the plates, I was enthralled. Then, when it came to work the press, I was too intimidated and opted out. For years (like 13), I’ve kicked myself for not capitalizing on that opportunity.

Which is why, when I started to dream up the Stretch Goals for this Kickstarter, top of the list was making owning a press a reality. Sadly, because presses of this nature haven’t been manufactured since the late 1960s, that’s easier said than done.

Now that together we’ve reached the initial campaign funding goal for our Kickstarter, I’ll be using the new, expanded budget to make our Stretch Goals a reality.

And we’re already well on our way of checking the first one off our list!

So, when I finally found a historic platen press after months scouring the Internet (and harassing a few antique dealers) covered in rust, stiff from lack of use, and a little bit busted up in Wichita, Kansas, it was love at first sight.

This isn’t just any press, mind you, it’s an 8x12 Chandler & Price Letterpress. Originally manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio in 1921, the beauty I have my eye on turns 100 this year. I feel it in my bones this press and I were meant to grow old together.

It needs a little work, I’m a lot of work. Together, we are a pair made in creative heaven.

By reaching the $10,000 Stretch Goal, I can have all 1,000 pounds of this press loaded into a rented trailer and hauled to Dallas, Texas this June. It also will allow me the ability to hire a professional to get it up and running with all the right refurbished pieces and parts.

Having the ability to print under my own roof doesn’t just make my life easier, however, it also allows me to get product in your hands faster by removing the hurdle of waiting for time on a rented press or in line with the overwhelmed printers still recovering from the madness surrounding all the 2020/2021/2022 weddings.

Want to help make this Stretch Goal a reality?

Here’s what you can do: Please consider sharing the link to this Kickstarter with everyone you know. And maybe even a few strangers on the Internet? I’d be super grateful, and every backer gets this campaign closer to adding more fun stuff for YOU!

You also can leave me a comment or send me a message. Knowing what you want to see will help me add fun stuff that you’re likely to enjoy to the Rewards for this campaign. If there’s demand for a thing, I’m more likely than not to make that thing happen.

Thank you for showing this campaign so much love and for all your support!

xo, KJ

P.S. After spending hours hand lining your envelopes with love (and taking breaks to share the paper joy on Instagram), I am personally heading to the studio this week to kick off the printing of your pre-order note cards. Thank you for your patience as I navigate this tricky time in the world of paper! I promise you’re going to love your order when it arrives at your door soon.

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